We offer alternative to plastics

Bio-compostable polymers

SKYi FKUR Biopolymers Pvt Ltd offers 100% compostable plastics which is an approved alternative for banned plastics. We represent FKuR, Germany and have technology tie up with them for manufacturing and marketing compostable plastics in India, South East Asia, Middle East & Africa.

Our offerings

100% Biodegradable & Compostable Raw Material (Approved to be used by Govt. of Maharashtra) for manufacturing ‘Plastic-free’ carry bags, grocery bags, shopping bags, films, cutlery, sheets, straw etc. which will run on your existing machine just like LDPE/PP/PS/ABS.

SKYi Bio-compostable polymers-COMPOST at end of life

1 Tested at Govt. of India and CPCB recognized, NABL accredited Central Institute of Plastics Engineering & Technology (CIPET), Chennai.

2 Certified as compostable from world renowned laboratories as per globally accepted stringent Compostability standards, ASTM D 6400 & EN 13432.  

3 Food contact approval certified as per EU & USFDA norms.

Advantages of Bio-Flex® at a glance

Based on renewable
Processable on existing
equipment without adjustments
(in-house, e.g. production waste)
Food approved to
EC Directives and FDA

Product Range

Spoon, Fork and Plates

Carry Bags

Cups and Liquid Storage


Our materials are "Ready" and "Adaptable" solutions which can be used on your existing machine  without any investment in modification or hardware. We will provide complete technical support including assistance for CPCB approval & registration, ISO 17088 as well as other certifications from CIPET, Chennai etc.


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Gold Trophy for innovative materials,
PlastIndia 2018

Most innovative enterprise

Fastest growing Company
Excellence Award

About SKYi

SKYi is a group company with a vision to be a global technology leader and solution provider for sustainable polymer materials for greener planet SKYi FKUR Biopolymers Pvt Ltd is an exclusive representative of FKuR GmbH, Willich Germany. FKuR first commercialise the bioplastics compound in 1998, and since then it has widen the product portfolio to cater to various processing industries including blown film, laminates, injection holding and blow molding.

SKYi FKUR Biopolymers Pvt Ltd has strong technical and marketing team who is able to support our customer establish these products on their existing production lines and also getting specific approvals on compostability.